To whom is this solution addressed?

This solution is aimed at ecommerce administrators who are currently working with data feed from external suppliers to publish their catalog in their online store and / or want to distribute their catalog in other external online channels to increase visibility and multiply online sales

by maintaining the governance of the master data in a single system.

Why do I need a solution like Doodat.io?

Doodat.io can help you if the data published in your online store is not enriched for search engines and/or when product listings are incomplete, empty or lacking information for a demanding online buyer.

You also need Doodat.io when the information of your products in the online store is inconsistent with the information published on Amazon, eBay, Price Buyers and / or Affiliate Programs. With Doodat.io you can synchronize all the channels and maintain the consistency of the

data in a master file.

Can you upload any provider feed in Doodat.io?

We also support formats such as web services, soap, ftp, csv, etc .. any parsable / crawleable format. We can do it in an active way, consulting the information on the internet, but the API also allows us to do it passively: they can use our API remotely to inject data into our JSON services.

How much does it cost to integrate Doodat.io?

Based on a previous study we can make a custom budget to integrate your current or future data feed. Currently we work with the most popular CMS such as Prestashop, Magento and Shopify.

What happens when the ergonomics of the source data change?

In the case of changing the source of the data feed we will have to adapt our solution so that the new feeds can continue uploading to Doodat.io

How can I distribute my catalog to external channels through Doodat.io?

Our API can connect to different third-party systems. The upload of data can be done actively (sending data) or passive (each source can connect to the API to read the data. These data can be segmented by source, you can differentiate the different objectives such as stores and filter the information to synchronize).

For example: a specific subset of products can be given to Store A while another subset of

products are given to shop B.

How is the data in my catalog enriched by Doodat.io?

When creating a client account within doodat.io you will have a panel where you can

manage the different elements of your product listings. With Doodat.io and in a synchronized

way through Web Service with your E-commerce system, you will be able to:

● Recategorize your product catalog of your online store

● Create and edit product filters (attributes and features)

● Create and edit titles and product descriptions

● Create and edit features and technical data sheets

● Edit the IMG ALT of all images

● Edit the meta title and meta descriptions of products

● Replace unfriendly words with Google-friendly words using a dictionary of correspondences

● Manage 404 errors that are generated when you deactivate or cancel product in the store

How can I hire the service?

Register through the form that can be found on the home page of our doodat.io website or call 93 6678101 and an IT consultant will assist you to resolve any technical or contracting questions regarding the service.