The importance of marketplaces in the reality of a 2019 buyer is undeniable. The fact that they have become a recurrent distribution channel is even more so. Such is the influence of the most TOP marketplaces, such as Amazon, which are many companies, of the sectors involved in a purchase process, which show the radical change that has led to its entry into the market.

Thus, in 2018, 7 out of 10 purchases were made through this type of platform. These figures lead us to reconsider the real influence of these sales channels.

Not only by the final purchase through the channel, but it has been shown that 9 out of 10 potential buyers look for information in these marketplaces before making the purchase.

Thus we see how a majority of producing or distributing companies have opted to sell their products also through this type of platforms.

Seeing the boom and the importance of this type of sales, it was impossible not to study the top marketplaces that European companies currently work with, or the international companies that sell in European markets.

That is why we would like to present to you the top marketplaces with which companies have worked throughout 2019:


The king of marketplaces kings is undoubtedly Amazon. The American company created by tycoon Jeff Bezos has managed to get more than 1,000 million visits per month in Europe alone.
And, just to give an example, in 2017 Amazon sold around 5,000 million products to its premium customers alone.

It is no longer only because of the volume of sales generated through this platform, but also because of the influence it has within the sector and the world of marketplaces. Any update in terms of usability (among other aspects) is immediately replicated in the other marketplaces.
Jeff Bezos has created the platform that will mark the purchasing processes of the future, and his numbers reflect this.


Although the collective imaginary that imagines or thinks of E-bay is related to second-hand sales, E-Bay has managed to establish itself as second in the top of marketplaces used in Europe.

It is also true that the presence in markets of certain countries has not been the most prolific. Its presence has indeed benefited in more established markets such as Germany and the UK.

And not only thanks to these two markets has achieved a monthly visitor volume of 706 million visits.


The Chinese marketplaces magnate Alibaba decided to make a niche for himself in the European market through this platform of Chinese retailers. This market welcomed it with more than open hands, as it has managed to position itself in number 4 of the top marketplaces used in European markets.

The presence of this market has been strengthened especially in Spain. Second country in which the China platform sells the most after Russia.


This Spanish marketplace has achieved that with more than 8 million registered users and 181 million monthly visits it receives the importance it deserves as a marketplace.
The El Corte Inglés marketplace works so well that it achieves these very high numbers in traffic and sales even though it has a filter of brands and products to distribute. In other words, it is not enough for El Corte Inglés that a brand wants to sell on its marketplace. This brand must pass a series of filters marked and established by El Corte Inglés.


ASOS is the first vertical marketplace to appear in this top of marketplaces. Vertical because it is a platform dedicated exclusively to the fashion sector. This platform has been able to position itself perfectly in certain European markets such as the German or French, an aspect that has given them a volume of 64 million visits per month.


Perhaps one of the most curious cases of this top marketplaces. CDiscount is a marketplace that only exists in the French market. It is true that France is the European country with the highest volume of marketplaces. But of the great offer of marketplaces in France, Cdiscount is the one most frequented by its compatriots.

In France alone, this platform boasts more than 60 million visits per month.


To finish this top of marketplaces we will see as another of the most active marketplaces in Europe, such as the German, has settled thanks to national marketplaces such as Otto or Cdiscount in France.

This platform, which is still only in one national market, achieves a monthly volume of visits of 42 million.

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