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Connect data for maximum effectiveness

Introducing the fifth in our series of six ways to manage your product information and help your customers in their purchases, today we bring you, linking to our latest article, tip number five: how to connect data for maximum effectiveness.

Today’s buyers expect their suppliers to know them: their past purchases, their preferences, their devices, and they expect their communications to reflect that knowledge. That’s why it’s so important to use everything we know – about our customers, our products and the supply chain – to maximize the value of the data.

A master data management system (MDM) connects product data with information found in other applications such as CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation and with contextual and supplier data (such as location and device). MDM can help us answer questions such as:

  • What products did this customer buy?
  • What channels were the products purchased from?
  • For whom were they purchased?
  • Which employees were involved in these sales?
  • Which suppliers provided the products

What are the benefits of connecting your product data with your customers’ data?

  • Best recommendations: connect what you know about each customer with what you know about each product.
  • Improve the customer experience: get the right product information in the right place at the right time for each customer.
  • Aim better at product information based on the location of the customer and their device.
  • Increase margins by suggesting relevant products with the best margins or stock availability.
  • Improve your supplier’s performance by connecting your supplier’s data with the product information it supplies.

Integrate your PIM data

Deploys MDM to connect your product data to other data repositories:
With CRM for cross-selling and sales opportunities, customization and relevant recommendations.
With supplier data, to drive better supplier relationships.

With ERP to inject the best-positioned product offerings.
With contextual data to orient product information by device, location, climate, language, etc.
Are you looking for a tool to help you connect data more effectively? Do not hesitate and consult the new tool allows you to automate the process of importing massive data from external sources. It uses its own SaaS platform to create a constant and efficient data flow. The tool takes care of the changing Internet environment so that you only have to take care of making decisions about your business. Do you want to receive more information? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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