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Make your product files unique and complete

Continuing with our series of six ways to manage your product information and help your customers in their purchases, today we bring you, linking with our latest article, the tip number four: how to get a unique and complete product chips.

When everyone offers the same product at the same price or a similar price, the quality and richness of the information your product becomes an important differentiating element. But as more and more suppliers work with the same manufacturer’s data, the differentiation disappears, unless one enriches the data of their products (in a consistent, updated, reliable and complete way) to make them more attractive.
Many companies still think that product data is neutral and does not affect the purchasing decision. A very common mistake.

Let’s look at an example. Imagine that you are interested in buying a bicycle. When you search the internet you see one that you like, but you would like more information before buying it. Isn’t it disappointing to find the same list of specifications and descriptions of the bicycle made by the manufacturer on each supplier’s website?

For the consumer, generic product data indicates that it is simply another bicycle. That’s why what your product sheet should be pointing to is what the bike will bring to your customer’s world. How excited you are about the bike like they are, and that you know exactly what makes it special and why they should buy it.

Emotionally appealing product data is a unique opportunity to attract and conquer customers. Enriching the data with proprietary brand descriptions, images and videos, and then deploying this asset across all channels, will help enrich the customer experience everywhere.

Action Points for More Attractive Product Data
Below we show you the essential points to maximize the data of your products:

  • Use media resources (images and/or videos) with a strong emotional appeal whenever possible. Images and videos that show the product in use greatly increase sales.
  • It uses a digital asset management system (DAM) to manage its media assets across all channels.
  • Don’t copy the provider’s text directly. Make it complete, creative and emotional.
  • Provide specific product descriptions aimed at the target group targeted for each customer segment.

Videos, the star media resource in product datasheets
In today’s fast-paced and growing advertising world, more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon of adding video content to their product datasheets. And with good reasons. The advantages of including extra information or utilities of your products through videos is an important way to attract customers. If your company is looking for a creative way to differentiate itself from the competition, video may be the answer. To convince you, here are a few examples of companies that managed to increase their sales and conversion rates thanks to this average resource:

  • Zappos’ sales increased between 6% and 30% thanks to the use of video demonstrations of their articles.
  • improved the conversion rate by 44% for product pages containing videos.
  • At, the conversion rate for shoppers viewing videos on product pages increased by 400%, while return rates dropped from 12% to 9%.

While other vendors may sell exactly the same products as you, they won’t sell your style, clarity and brand value. And that, my friend, is where the power of your brand comes into play. With the new tool, you can get that product card that will make a difference. allows you to automate the processes of importing massive data from external sources. It creates a constant and efficient data flow, and takes care of the current fragmented and changing Internet environment so you only have to worry about making business decisions with enriched structured data. What are you waiting for to try it?

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