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In 2011, a Google study showed that on average, among all categories, consumers use about 10.4 sources of information to make a purchase decision. This includes, among other things, watching TV ads, searching manufacturers’ websites, talking to family and friends, reading opinions and checking Amazon news. So by the time consumers first get in touch with you, they’re already armed with lots of product knowledge.

To combat this, we present, a tool that tracks Internet data quickly and easily. It is a web data extraction platform 100% customizable and offers solutions to online stores that dropshipping can not give.
So, is a very powerful platform. It is agile, creating your own solution based on a previous study and analysis. It is easy to not have any line of code on your part thanks to its SaaS solution totally friendly and intelligible. It is unlimited, adapted to support the changes of the external source of origin. It is portable, allowing you to export your data to your SaaS panel and consult them from any device. And enjoy notifications to monitor any change in the data of any website.

Power is in the hands of consumers. In this series of articles, we’ll show you the six ways to manage your product information and help your customers with their purchases.

The purchasing process has evolved over the years, the consumer now needs to know much more about the products they buy online and your website needs to be the largest source of information in your catalog so that the customer does not go elsewhere to look for it. In fact, 61% of retail managers believe that buyers have more information than sellers themselves. In fact, Google has coined a term for this evasive stage.

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