Our All-in-One SaaS solution will help you to centralize your catalog, generate completed and Google enriched product sheets by applying massive, automatic rules and Artificial Intelligence in order to improve store shopping experience like it was in Amazon.

The perfect solution to sync your ERP with your new online store, pop-up stores and marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress) , and to keep control of all channel’s info in order to take smart marketing decisions by having all aggregated product, price, stock and order data in a single dashboard.

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The Big Challenges of E-Commerce

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Low product sheet quality and not SEO optimized due to dropshipping

Product sheets in my shop do not have the same quality and they are not SEO optimized

(there are errors in sizes, abbreviated words and they don’t have SEO tags…) offering a bad shopping experience.

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Category Mapping for Multichannel sales

Category mapping in my shop does not correspond

with each marketplace and I cannot sell my products in Amazon, Ebay or AliExpress

because my product sheets are incomplete

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Isolated information without automatic synchronization

Information about prices, sales, and stocks are located in each individual sales channel. I do not have a single dashboard where I can consult all data at a glance.

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Lack of information about user's behavior in store

I am not recording user’s navigation in my store and relationships between products are not based on their behavior.

I do not have a solution which I can predict future client needs to improve average ticket sales.

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Launch & Promote Product landing pages in minutes for flash sales - Pop-Up Stores

I do not have an easy-to-use tool to launch promotional campaigns for my products using pop-up stores in minutes and take advantage of rapid sales.

How can product information alter a user’s purchasing decision on the Internet?

Before a user decides to buy, he has many doubts. If your e-commerce and your other external channels do not resolve them in a clear, precise matter with either excellent texts, images, videos or reviews, a competitor will close the deal and take business from you.. If your product information is not consistent across channels, the result is an inconsistent shopping experience.

The current challenge is to be the #1 with the best product information so your customers will not need to check another source. Gain governance of your catalogue across online channels.

3 out of 4 ecomm admin do not have the right tool in order to keep a master copy of their catalog and they distribute product sheets without a system, where they can check aggregated data or apply business rules across channels.

I want to import product feeds from my suppliers in seconds, enrich them for Google and my clients & distribute them to marketplaces applying business rules.


Transform the shopping experience in your online store

with an intelligent management of your catalog.

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Centralize feeds from suppliers in a dashboard in order to manage a master file of your catalog.

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Super SEO Long-Tail

Apply a super long-tail SEO strategy to

your catalog to maximize results in search engines.

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Multi-Channel Distribution

Distribute your catalog across channels on the internet. Split your catalog and publish it in different marketplaces with different prices and discounts.

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Product Launching with pop-up stores

Setup product launching campaigns in minutes by publishing a pop-up store ready for flash sales in Internet.

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Autonomy and Control

Gain control of your data by having information of prices, stocks and orders in real time from all your sales channels in a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

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Online Catalog Quality

Enrich and maintain the quality of your catalog uniformly and consistently on all channels.

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Related Products based on AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI can record all the navigation used by the users in the store in order to predict future user buying needs thus making the purchase more enticing.

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Multiply Revenue and Customer Retention

Increase your customers’ shopping experience by improving conversion rate.

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